Cobra Pearl // Gain Money Destroy ( Kill) Enemy

Cobra stone or Nag Mani is also known as magical_nag stone, naga mutya, naga moti, cobra bezoar, naga goddess, naga mustika, nature offspring of naga, unusual natural occurence of naga, extraordinary emerging of naga, nature kiwi fruit of naga, naga jewel, naga celestial light, naga charm, naga amulet, young beautiful girl of naga, naga jaman mapun, naga muntia, naga negrito, naga manobo, naga zambal, naga samar leyte, naga tagabili, naga mutu, naga mutijara, naga mutiara, naga timor, naga batak, naga momi, naga rangi, naga motia, naga muthu, naga mote, naga retna, ular tedung etc in different culture.
Shamans Voice
Mustika Sacred Versatility is the basis for all Hajat and purpose, among others, for their role As Wasilah:
Absolute Courage,
Starting reinforcements,
Warding off magic, witchcraft, sorcery, witchcraft, etc.,
Treat a man possessed,
Medical and non medical treatment,
Great charisma,
Drajat cherish, PenglarisanUsaha, Peace, Prosperity,
The Glory and others
This Mustika energy including fierce and malignant, so Mustika is less suitable for people with high or easy bertempramental emosian.

According to him this Mustika many uses or wasilahnya, for any origin can not be used in any crime and harm to others, As for its usefulness to the media;
Eliminate bad luck.
Protecting property owner.
Able to repel negative things and ward off evil influences (the color will change to dark believed if something bad is coming).
Sharpen the mind, improve concentration and alertness.
Foster self-confidence.
Cultivate courage.
Increases energy and spirit.
Increase motivation and determination to achieve the goal.




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