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Kill spell is a hidden tool to kill anyone.If your enemy is very strong , he has spoiled your life , giving tension in your life .he has played a game in your family and your family has been devided by black magic , vahsikaran / hypnotism. Your enemy can be anyone like in your office , in your family , your wife , children, your friend . there are some enemy who do this in open and some who do this secretly.kamadali baba ji by using these kill spells, kill these kind of peoples .kamandali baba also provides some other service like love spells,vashikaran spells , lottery spells, black magic spells,and husband wife dispute spells ,job spells, business spells , money spells , visa spells , court case spells , etc. if your enemy has taken any kind of protection to get safe , present at any corner of this world , of any religion / caste /sex , you can take help of kamandali baba ji .kamandali baba ji is tantric astrologer 76 years of age well experienced tantrik .




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