Husband And Wife Love Relationship Problem Solutions

My first name is afzal and surname or last name is BAIG.my date of birth is July 1st1976(not

sure)and my place of birth is TENALI.(andhrapradeshstate, INDIA).My wife first name is kumud RAANI and surnameor last name is saxena her date of birth is NOV14th 1977.her place of

birth is Vijayawada ,andhrapradeshstate,INDIA.I changed her name at the time of marriage has

ZULEKHA BEGUM but she was called with her birthname always.i will send u our both pics in the

.At the time of college days i made an interreligion marriage and have two kids of age girl is 15 and

son is of age 11.one year back due to some financial problems and other issues my wife left me and

kids also with her.I want her and children to come back to home.Ii have frequent communications

with my children who lives with her and children use to come and stay with me. and love my wife

bcos she was with me 16years.but i have little doubt that someone might have done any spell to divide us.
Even i feel to move on , i want to try once bcos of my children with her.I have great care on my




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