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along withmy husband,all his family membersand all his relatives also who ever belongs to him must come under control of me and my parents.my husband must not see or talk to other ladies.he must not go to them.he must see me talk to me only.he must not do secrets in phone and also with his family infront or back of me.he must tell all maters, secrets to me.he must not lie with me forever.he has to tell all true to me forever.he must not cheat me in lifelong.he must not tell our maters to his family he must not do phones to his family because they do blackmagic by knowing our maters.my husband and my daugter and my husband family all must be in my contol and my parents and he must listen to my words only not others.all his freinds must cutoff because he is not caring me.
my husband must come back to me to my parents home and he must take me.
my husband and his family must respect me,careme,must support me before others,must believe me and my words listen to my words lifelong and my husband must come to my vashikaran.
my husband and his family must respect and love my parents also.please remove black magic done on me my husband my mother and father and also on my mothers home.this mater must not know to my aunty or others by any other black magic persons.stop that person who was doing now blackmagic on us and my aunty or any one of his family must not bring any harmful or eating items to us from other blackmagic persons.
please do these help to me fast and make my husband to come to me and take me and also i want his love to come back on me.
my husband and his whole family must come under control of me and my parents and along with my husband all his family members must listen to my words only and my parents



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