how to improve relationship


1. light the candles
2. grab the bowl and pour the bottle of love oil into the bowl
3. then put in the gummies and mnm's into the bowl and pour all of them in at the same time
4. mix them together until it is all completely mixed together
5. then pour it into the beaker and put some of the flame from both candles and put it into the tube then stir it again
6. cover it with some kind of cap
7. then hide it in your pocket or if your a girl you can put into your bra

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  • Are your love is getting off?
  • Are your not satisfy with your love marriage?
  • Is your joint family is hurdle in your loving life?
  • Are you want to have inter caste marriage but family denies?
  • Are your relation turns to break?
  • Are your marriage getting divorce?
  • Are your finance and career becomes hurdles in your love marriage?
  • Are your partner starts making distance?
  • Are you want your true love to get back into your life?
  • Are you want to impress your true love to have successful relation?

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Lover ( premi premika ) vashikaran

Shatru ( enemy ) Vashikaran

Swami ( boss ) Vashikaran

Pati ( husband )Vashikaran

Sarvajan Vashikaran

Akarshan ( partner ) Vashikaran

Rati Mohani ( wife, girl )Vashikaran

Shighra ( tatkal )Vashikaran

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