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A pearl born of the serpents, being worn by kings, will prove invaluable to them, destroy their misfortune and enemies, enhance their reputation and bestow victory.

The puja for Sri Naga Mani is identical to the procedure described for Sri Varaha Mani. Additionally, high Hindu holy days such as the birthdays of primary deities, require a second bathing after the first, and the first bathing is performed with milk rather than water. Naga Mani are not considered ‘traveling pearls’, and may not be neglected by extended absences. In such cases, pearls must remain with the owner 24 hours a day. It is taught that they must not be handled by women during menses, and they cannot be carried on or in leather. It should be noted that shoes must be removed when handling any of the Mani, but especially so in dealing with the Cobra Pearls.

Cobra Pearls are traditionally predisposed to Tulsi incense and fragrant flowers daily, however the flowers must be fresh. Cobra Pearls should be placed on a visible pedestal of some sort and permitted to enjoy the open air at their residence. Cobra Pearls may be dressed with Lotus Oil or other fragrant non-corrosive essential oils and should not be exposed to hard metal or rough cloth. Cobra Pearls should also be transported in a soft container with flowers inside, but if carried on one’s person, only in the right pocket, never the left.
Sri Garuda Purana: ” A pearl found in the hood of a cobra is round in shape like the one obtained from the mouth of a fish and emits a dazzling effulgence from its own natural seat. After copious washing such a pearl assumes the luster of a well-polished sword. The possessor of a cobra or serpent pearl meets with rare good fortune, and becomes a pious and illustrious king in time, with a treasury full of other species of precious gems.

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Shaman or Tantrics voice
Growing Real strength and self-confidence,
Cultivate the courage, Increases energy and vigor,
Increase motivation and determination to achieve the goal.
Make yourself more powerful and tough to live a life of twists and turns,
Generating Authority charm so that you will be greeting Segal obey
Opening Pancara Mahabbah Love Charm, So wherever you’re going to make people love and sympathy to you,
Opening one’s heart to love,
Help reconcile / reconciling lovers,
Overcoming the fear of becoming ugly and unloved,
Goib fence so that the wearer will be enveloped in supernatural energy fields so that all forms of negative energy will be mentally and neutralized,
Protection Pagaran body and place of any danger,
For more fervently in prayer,
To officials of both the low level and the highest degree of order was raised / rank
High authority and always given proper guidelines in making decisions on everything from Allah,
Anti-witchcraft and sorcery,
Feared malicious spirits of both low and high groups.
Safety outside in ,
Absolute Courage,
Starting reinforcements,
Warding off magic, witchcraft, sorcery, witchcraft, etc.,
Treat a man possessed,
Medical and non medical treatment,
Great charisma, Junjung Drajat, Penglarisan Enterprises, Triumph and others



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