Vashikaran=Crazy Creditors / Lover /Boss / Partner = If Overall situation out of your control.
if you want Some Crazy creditors / lover /boss / partner ,will be in your attraction any time.
Police do not caught  any time.
You do not get dissconncet to your family and your office.
No time without food, sleep and live as like as hidden life.
Your enemy not influence in your life
So, your life will not be so much risky .
BABA, ji have lot of Genie, Lot of Talisman, Lot of Spell, Lot of Magic with few method for solve any kind of problems within 1 hour or within 24 hours.
Babaji my problem is totally different type. I think anyone can’t face such type of situation. Please read carefully the situation of mine and help me what is the best for me and suggest such remedies.
I work in a school as part time basis since 2004. I am very jolly and careful to my student. I teach the students in very interesting method and my speaking power is attracted to all my students. Till now those student pass out from my school, they farther request to me for teach their subject relating to me (I teach physics only) in higher class.
Out of all students one student (girl) in 2005 reads in class VII standard. She is not very intelligent, not very sweet face, not very attractive also. But she is very obedient to me. Her obedience to me is very much. Her that type of quality always attracted me and I again and again give task and she complete her task as well. You can imagine just as boss and servant relation which bonding with a respectful relation. That time she was very younger to me. In 2005 she was about 13 years old and I was 25 years old. Therefore confirm there was no love relation with me and I am already married also with one son. I cannot think such type relation with her. I tell this fact because you realize my situation since 2005-2006.
She promoted next class then again next class. I also attracted to her for her obedience. I always care about her all subjects, her health, her philosophy, her all matter. I was thinking probably she think that I was her elder brother. If she feels any problem any type of problem, then and then she contact me and share me. I suggest the solution of her problem, and then she was happy. Her all matter she always share with me. I am also now very friendly to her.
From that time I feel a love (mind it not as lover), attraction, dependency, kindness to her. I write some situation:
1. When she goes outside from her home, she takes my permission.
2. When I go outside or any place without school always information must give to her otherwise she would angry and she doesn’t speak with me.
I feel that a relation automatically established with her and gradually this relation in increasing in order. But Babaji there is no bad relation or lover relation with her. I feel that something is present between us. But there is unknown to me. I also just imagine if she is my sister I would very happy. Also sometimes I imagine if she is my wife I was very happy. I feel she is my just symbol of purity, bountiful beauty but I never tell about my feeling to her. And I feel very great due to the relation. I also very attractive to her but there is no physical issue come in my mind. Yet I feel an attraction of her.
After 6-7 Years:
But now about 2013, one day she tells me her feelings with me. She tells me she cannot live without me. And she cannot accept others as a husband. She tells me in the world without I, anyone do not love so much, no her father, mother, brother or anyone. And she tells me that it not possible to other man to love her like me.
I understand her feeling and from that time I always try to recover her wrong decision. I think this come her mind from just her emotional feeling. Because that time I am already married with two sons. I again and again try to come out her wrong thinking. I tell all merits and demerit that I am married. This is not possible. And anyone cannot accept such relation. My family with my wife not accept such situation. Her family (Her father and mother cannot accept such relation) also don’t accept such relation and its illegal also. I tell her that I am your like brother or like friend. You should marry anyone. But I am also loved her very much. So selecting your husband I must present there. I decided which is good and which is bad with her parents. But she tells one sentence. In the world without me, anyone can not love her so much in future. So she lives with me otherwise she unmarried whole life otherwise if any pressure apply her about marry to anyone, she must could suicide. Babaji now days she lives with this type of her decision since about 1 past year.
Babaji here I tell my feelings to her:
1. I love her very much.
2. If she falls in ill, I feel very unhappy.
3. If she feel any type of sorrow, I feel sorrow and my chest are feels inner pain due to this reason.
4. When she present to me, I feels very happy.
5. Any type of sorrow disappears when I share with her.
Practically I love her very much. But I cannot think any bad relation. So there are no physical relation comes in our mind. But when she tells her same feeling like me and wants live with me, I am also very weak in mind. But I do not speak that I will marry her.
One day she tells her feeling to her parents. Her parents also try to recover her wrong decision. But they are failing to her. Her elder brother is very angry in nature. One day her brother hit her very much by stick. She injured but she could not change her decision.
Her parent contacts with me about this issue. I tell them details. They understand well that situation. But I understand If I marry her, no problem arise from them. But the girl fall in love so much that she cannot comes out from my invisible barrier. I feel that.
But Babaji I am also fall in love with her so much. Previously I feel very happy with her. And Now I cannot happy without her. But problem is here.
I am married with two sons. I am also very careful to my family. In my family there is no deficit of love, no problem here, no complexity here. So how I tell my family to overcome the situation?
One day I tell my parents and wife. As usual any one cannot accept my situation. They do not feel my situation; they do not feel my mind problem. I know this is wrong. But I loved her very much also. But there is no physical relation. It is totally mind feeling since 6-7 years. Now she cannot lives without me and now I cannot happy without her presence. Previous time I don’t think such type of decision but after her expressing feeling about me I also in very weak in my mind. Now I feel weak in mind for her purity of her love. Now I decided to give a place in my mind with my first wife. Babaji Now What is I do and how it is possible.
I think if I marry her, I must give love and happiness to both wives. It’s my confidence, over confidence Babaji. In nature I am very mindful. Till now I don’t heart any one. But many people hearted me but I cannot heart to other.
My first wife and family have known my all fact about her. She always says how is possible. Any wife cannot accept such relation to her husband. I told my wife that I always all-time try to understand the girl. But I felled that the girl could not without me since 5-6 years. So, how I shall does agree to my wife and parent. I don’t want to heart anymore. In my family there is an honestly relation here to all. They are all well known to my problem. Now I want that they (My wife & parent, family) understand my feeling and take the corresponding action. I want to get second marriage without disturbing nothings. I manage my wives easily and happily with my family. It’s my confidence. I want to live with all below a roof, no other wall or second home.
I know this is tough but I will could it. So how can I agree their mind? How is it possible? I want such situation come that my family want to itself want to bring the girl. Now I always fall an intense feeling of heart. Babaji please help me and suggest me about that.
Now here I upload “Horoscope” of us. But this is in Bengali medium. And upload picture of us. I write here my birth details. I also upload her picture. Babaji you can see and verify it by Bengali known man.
Babaji is it possible to get help about this by online or from here? Please give me a solution and also suggestion. I find your website and mail ID from google.com. I read your all service. I hope certainly there is a solution of you. Please tell me. I also believe the Astrology, Tantra and Vashikaran. Please give me a solution.
And how much pricing and how I send to you please tell me. I have no emergency. She reads in a class now and completes her education in about 9-10 months. If is there any solution, I done this now but I will bring her after 9-10 months. Please tell me in details. Here you will just agree my wife and family. This is the work. Please tell me suggestion.



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