Remedies To Get Married To Person You Love – Remedies For Marriage

Remedies For Marriage To The Person You Love

Remedies For Marriage To The Person You Love

When we love someone wholeheartedly, we just want to spend the rest of our life with them. But in our society, there are only a few parents who easily give consent for love marriage. So if you are tired of fighting with your parents and society for approving for your love marriage, then we have the best remedies to get married to the person you want. These remedies for marriage to the person you love are really helpful and powerful in helping to overcome all the obstacles related to marriage.

When it comes to love marriage or marrying the person you desire, there’s always a struggle involved with convincing your parents and society for marriage. This just strips away all the joy of getting married as you spend a lot of time fighting against all odds to make your marriage a success. But don’t be upset anymore, try these tested and proven remedies to get married to the person you love.

Remedy To Convert Love Into Marriage

Remedy To Convert Love Into Marriage

  1. The first remedy to convert love into marriage is the vashikaran mantra. This vashikaran mantra will help you to convince the parents and society for marriage and will also remove any obstacle in the path of your marriage. Recite this vashikaran mantra, “Oom Gauripatiye Mahadevaye Mam Ischiet Vara Shigraa Atishigraa Praptyarthama Gaurayiee Namaha”. Recite this vashikaran mantra 108 times with rudraksha mala and pray for your marriage.
  2. Other remedies for marriage with the desired person include offering red chunni, sindoor, bangles, and other suhaag items to the lord Shiva and Paravati.
  3. Girls who are wishing to find a suitable life partner or finding that their marriage with their lover is getting delayed can observe the fast on Monday for consecutive 16 Mondays. All the details about the solah somvaar can be found on the internet.

Remedies For Marriage With The Desired Person

Remedies For Marriage With The Desired Person

  1. Remedies to convert love into marriage also include checking on the planetary influences in the house of marriage. We recommend talking to our astrologer for getting your birth chart checked. if you are facing problem in love marriage then consider chanting these mantra s for reducing the effects of planets on the marriage:

For Moon – Om Shram Sreem Shraum Sah Chandraya Namah

For Mars – Om Kram Kreem Kraum saha Bhaumaye Namah  

For Venus – Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya namah

Make sure you recite these mantras 108 times.

Couples who wish to get married soon with the love of their life should go to the lord Shiva and Parvati temple and offer water. All the remedies to get married to the person you love works best when you perform them with positive belief and intent. If you choose any remedy from the above make sure you consult our astrologer before beginning anything as he will give in-depth information about them. Also if you wish you seek his help in consulting your kundali then contact hi, via the numbers provided. We assure full confidentiality of the customer’s details.

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